ICT Management Service


The Information and Communications Technology Management Service (ICTMS) is the primary arm of the department responsible for the provision of ICT services and solutions to the DSWD enterprise users. It serves as the service management for the Department-wide ICT systems and infrastructure through a mainstreamed approach and works with other government agencies, non-government organizations and other stakeholders at various levels.


The ICTMS evolved from the Computer-Based Management Information System (CBMIS) Unit which was formed under the Department’s Planning and Monitoring Service (PMS), now the Policy Development and Planning Bureau (PDPB), in 1994. Nine years later in 2003, the Management Information Systems Service (MISS) was created under the Department’s Policy and Plans Group (PPG). Nine (9) years later in 2012, the MISS was renamed Information and Communications Technology Management Service (ICTMS) and placed under the Office of the Secretary (OSEC). In 2015, while again under the PPG, a proposal to merge the National Household Targeting Office (NHTO) with the ICTMS was formulated in an attempt to establish an Information Management Bureau (IMB). The merger of the two (2) organizations failed to materialize. Finally, in 2018, ICTMS reverted to the Office of the Secretary, and has since maintained such placement in the DSWD organizational structure.
With the issuance of Administrative Order No. 01, Series of 2019 entitled Management Reorganization of the DSWD Central Office, the ICTMS has been reconfigured to its current roles and functions.

Specific Functions

  1. Responsible for end-to-end business solution design, development and implementation, and for the development and facilitation of information systems, including Systems Analysis, Design and Development/ Enhancement, and IT Project Management.

  2. Perform methodical data processing, integration, system integration, or enterprise application integration, organized as shared service of the DSWD and an inherent entity within the ICTMS.

  3. Provide Infrastructure Management, the ICT core service that lays the foundation of information management services, and manages and secures the network, computing, and datacenter infrastructure and the ancillary services that supports its operation.

  4. Responsible for managing the enterprise-wide network connectivity, providing computing support and maintaining applications in the production environment.

  5. Direct the development, installation and maintenance of information systems, security controls, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, and monitors compliance with ISMS certifiable to ISO 27001.

Key Result Areas

  1. ICT Business Solutions and Services Development

  2. Data Management

  3. Infrastructure Management

  4. Network and Technical Support

  5. ICT Security Management

ICTMS Divisions

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